There are so many ways I would like to improve this website and the list itself. If you are interested in donating your time and/or expertise to help with this, I am currently looking for people who could help with any of the following:

  • Identifying speakers with disabilities to be added to the list
  • Improving the website so that each category of the list is easier to navigate
  • Starting to pull together more detailed profiles of each speaker
  • Creating short videos of the people on the list when they are at speaking events
  • Thinking about how we can better feature the speakers, i.e. should we have a podcast, have an event/events where we can film people speaking, have a place to review speakers, etc?
  • Data entry: to help add names onto the list as they come in
  • List checking: reviewing the list once a quarter to make sure that it remains up to date
  • Creating and managing a social media presence for the great charity speaker list (to increase its profile and make sure it is used).

If you would be interested in any of the above, please email GreatCharitySpeakers@gmail.com

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