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First NameJulia
PositionFounding Director
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Over the past twenty years, Julia Lynch has worked as a Community Social Worker and Therapist in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States. In addition, Julia has worked on a volunteer basis both in Tanzania and Jamaica providing community and health services to local at-risk communities. Julia has also traveled extensively throughout many developing nations and in Founding Global Girl Project, is now marrying both her travel and professional experiences by providing international leadership and community development opportunities in undeserved and at-risk communities throughout the world. Julia also has a passion for health and wellness and expresses this through teaching Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, to her local community.

Julia has been called a passionate, honest, and fiery speaker and talks from the heart about living your most authentic life, living outside the box and using your life to make a difference to others and create true global impact.

Expertise / Speaking Topics
  • Chief Execs, Exec Directors and Founders
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Experts
  • Innovation Experts
  • Leadership & Change Management
  • Service Delivery Experts
Website URL or Linkedin Profileglobalgirlproject.org