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Policy, Advocacy and Campaigning – United Kingdom

People who do not identify as White or Male

Olumide Popoola: London-based Nigerian German writer and speaker who presents internationally on the ‘in-between’ of culture, language and public space where a, sometimes uncomfortable, look at complexity is needed – @msolumide

Pamela Zaballa: Head of Policy for Women and Children services at Hestia – @pamela_zaballa

Shahin Ashraf MBE: Global Advocacy Advisor on Gender, Climate change and Refugees, Islamic Relief Worldwide     – @shahinuashraf

Sufina Ahmad: Corporation of London, Elfrida Society volunteer – @sufinaahmad

White people who do not identify as Male

Anne Baxendale: Deputy Director of Comms, Policy, Campaigns at Shelter – @baxendaleanne

Antonia Bance: Head of campaigns & comms for the TUC – @antoniabance

Becca Bunce – Co-director of the ICchangeUK campaign (and named by former US President Barack Obama, as one of his inspirations!!) @_BBunce

Charlotte Ravenscroft: Director at Evidential Consulting- @CharRavenscroft

Eleanor Briggs: Head of Policy and Research at Action for Children – @EleanorSBriggs

Jane Vass: Director of Policy and Research at Age UK – @janevass1

Josie Tucker: Head of Policy and Advocacy at Child Poverty Action Group – @JosieTucker

Katie Evans: Head of Research & Policy at Money & Mental Health – @katieuevans

Kayleigh Wainwright: Head of Membership & Policy UK Youth – @k_wainwright

Lucy Malenczuk: Policy Officer – Financial Services at Age UK – @LucyMalenczuk

Nikki van der Gaag: Director of Gender Justice and Women’s Rights at Oxfam GB – @NikkivanderGaag

Rebecca Gowland: Head of Inequality Campaigns and Policy at Oxfam GB – @rebeccagowland

Sally Copley: Campaigner with Oxfam GB, Chair of Oxford Rape Crisis, Trustee for Bond – @SallyCopley

Stella Duffy OBE: Stella is a regular speaker and campaigner around LGBTQ, women’s and arts issues – @StellDuffy

Yvonne Penn: Public Engagement Officer at the Sailors Society – @ympenn2

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