Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications – United Kingdom

People who do not identify as White or Male

Danielle Wootton: Head of Marketing, Scope – @Babe__Ruthless

Devia Gurjar: Director of Brand and Marketing at Barnardos – @DeviaGurjar

Dina Bhadreshwara: Product Lead at Citizens Advice – @MuffinBreath

Gaby Jeffs: Founder of Magneto Films – @MagnetoGaby

Jasmine Dotiwala: Head of Youth Engagement & Media at the Media Trust – @JasmineDotiwala

Kiran Ramchandani: Communications Director, UK Community Foundations – @Kiran_r

Naima Sakande: Host of Third Culture Podcast – @NSakande

Nicola Peckett: Director of Communications at the Disasters Emergency Committee – @NicolaPeckett

Ramona Aning: External Communications Manager at Human Fertilization an Embryology Authority – @RamonaAning

Susheila Juggapah: Digital Editor at the MDU, former Digital Content Manager for Charity Comms – @SushiJuggapah

White people who do not identify as Male

Beth Murray: Director of Communications and Engagement at Catch22 @bmbm 

Laura McIntosh: Head of Comms at Duke of Edinburgh – @LauraMcl

Natasha Roe: Charity consultant -specialises in strategy, brand, marketing – @RedPencil_

Natalie Williams: Communications Manager at Jubilee+ – @NatWillNatter

Paige Hughes: Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Talk, Listen, Change – @PaigeComms

Rebecca Goodbourn: Head of Comms at NPC – @RJGoodbourn

Marketing and Communications – United States of America

People who do not identify as White or Male

Antionette Kerr: CEO at The Write Folks/Bold & Bright Media –

Charrosé King: Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist at Howard University – @CharroseCK

Marlene Oliveira: Founder at MarCommunity – @mo_flow

White people who do not identify as Male

Cara Silletto, President & Chief Retention Officer at Crescendo Strategies – @CrescendoHR

Cindy Marie Jenkins, Communications and Marketing Director at North Carolina’s Women’s Theatre Festival – @cindymariej

Kivi Leroux Miller, Founder and CEO at Nonprofit Marketing Guide – @kivilm

Kristin Sukraw, President at Reliant Studios – @kristinsukraw

Lauren Girardin, Communications Consultant at Lauren Girardin Consulting – @girardinl

Sue Kindred, Founder at SK Consulting – @StorytellingRVA

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