Charity Speakers – Continental Europe

I have very kindly been helped by Andrea Goezinne to start putting together a list of great charity speakers from across continental Europe. We will need your help to make this list bigger and better. Apologies that this website is only in English at the moment but I hope this is the start of something that will help increase the diversity of speakers at charity conferences across Europe in the future:



  • Antje Becker: ChildFund Deutschland –  @antje_becker 
  • Eva Hieninger: Managing Director at getunik (charity consultancy) – @marketing4good_
    • This is what the person who recommended Eva said about her: “Eva is very passionate and has great expertise in digital fundraising. She will inspire your audience.”
  • Miriam Wagner Long: Board member of Deutscher Fundraising Verband, CEO/partner with Agentur Zielgenau GmbH – Miriam’s LinkedIn profile
  • Heidrun Mürdter: Senior Advisor bei BluFoxx GmbH – Heidrun’s LinkedIn profile
  • Susanne Wohmann: Divisional Head of Fundraising & Marketing with CBM, Christian Blind Mission – Susanne Wohmann’s LinkedIn profile